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Our Milk


The cows come in for milking each morning. The whole milk is pasteurised, but non-homogenized, and is bottled in a reusable 1 litre glass bottle. The initial outlay for these is £2.00 per bottle. which customers return for refilling. The cost of the milk is £2.00 per litre. We also produce a half litre size – perfect for a single person, for an Airbnb, or as a delicious gift for someone special.

Much of our milk goes direct to customers who support the farm to fork venture run by The Kitchen Garden People at Honeydale . It is also used in the FarmEd café – FarmEat which is just across the yard from the dairy. During 2022 we had sufficient milk to provide a few local shops and cafes. 

In 2023 we will be adding ice cream and milkshakes to our range, so do follow us on Instagram and Facebook, or check back here to keep informed.

Our Milk: Our Farm
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